10 ways to kickstart your day for productivity

The way an individual’s day goes can be strongly influenced by the way the day of an individual starts. People should consider taking part of their early hours of their day to set the tone of the rest part of the day. Here are some of tested and tried ten ways to kick start your day for productivity.

Wake up early

You will feel less rushed and more in control of all the time you will have the rest of your day if you will consider leaving enough time for you to work. Always start your day in a positive and relaxed manner.

Seb Dean, owner of digital agency, Imaginaire Digital, says waking up and exercising early helps him feel motivated for the day:

“I tend to wake up at 6am and aim to get into the gym for 6.30, it’s definitely a chore, but once I’m finished I’m wide awake and ready to start my day. It also means I’m not having to drag myself there after work and I can dedicate my energy to work.”


This is one of the great ways of kick-starting your day. You should choose to involve yourself in an exercise that you enjoy most and the one that fits the schedule of your day. Spend at least an hour after a bed for the exercise.

Michael Ball of Commercial Electrical Contractors is an advocate of exercise:

“As well as making sure I go to the gym regularly, I find the simple things like just going for a 5 minute walk in the afternoon keep me feeling healthy, but also wake me up and prevent that mid afternoon office worker slump.”


This is a proven and simple way that can help you start your day well. There are many different ways of meditating. So you should consider the way that best suit you. You can, for instance, choose to spend like five to ten minutes sitting quietly or sitting quietly with a hot drink when you wake up. Try this today and you will notice the difference from days.

Andy Pauls of Dubai Property For Sale takes time out of his day to meditate:

“When you’re working at a fast pace (which I think all of us are in the property game), it’s vital that you take time out to have a breather and clear your head. I’ve seen so many great sales people come unstuck because they just burn out. I have a recurring note in my calendar to meditate at 1pm every day and it keeps me feeling fresh as well as breaking up the day.”


Successful mindset and positive thoughts of your day can be promoted by affirmations. All the things we normally say to ourselves and our thoughts are affirmations. Our thoughts usually become the truth for us. You should consider choosing positive affirmations for our days to start on well.

Have a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal that we should never skip. With the right meals for breakfast, we increase the energy levels of our bodies to start our day well with. Avoid foods rich in sugars and fats since they can make you feel worn out the rest of your day.

Be prepared

Before you get to bed, you should always consider getting as much ready for your next day. Do some of the chores that you might have planned to do the next day so that you will get to free yourself up. This will give you time to concentrate enjoy your morning to help you set the rest of your day well.

Create a simple to do list

Creating a to-do list will keep you focused on all you need to do. Bear the schedule of your day in mind and be realistic of all you need to get done. Keep your list simple. It should have just at most three tasks that you will consider to do.

Paul Wicklow, Marketing Manager at IT Services company, 5u, is a firm believer in simple to-do lists:

“I know there’s lots of new tech that’s brilliant for creating complicated webs of notes, but I’m a huge fan of a simple pen and paper when it comes to a to-do list. I sit down 30 minutes before I start work with a nice coffee and write down everything I need to achieve that day and then assign numbers to the tasks to prioritise. That way, I know exactly what to get done. That being said, I do use Evernote to keep track of new tasks as they come in.”

Listen to podcasts

Consider spending some time to listen to some music. You can choose an old playlist and enjoy the music. This will help you to settle your energy levels and even saves time from searching depths of Spotify.

Paul Naysmith of JWS Recycling listens to podcasts on his 1 hour commute to work:

“Although I love my music, I’ve recently started to listen to motivational and self-help podcasts on the way to work instead and find it’s a much better use of my time.”

Get off social media

You may be intending to look for a specific thing related to your work on social media but then you end up going to a different thing that you may not have planned for. Going to different things will end up taking some of your minutes that you could have used to perform some tasks.

Set goals and rewards.

You should say to yourself all you will need to achieve at the end of your day. Be realistic in setting your goal and this will make you concentrate to work best so as to achieve the goal.

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