Going against the grain: local marketing without digital!

While online marketing is undeniably booming, the assertions that print is dead by digital marketers is some way wide of the mark. In fact, Forbes recently wrote about this and agreed that print has the edge over digital in some ways, such as building a physical brand by putting something in somebody’s hand.

Of course, digital is hugely important, but local marketing is still about building a brand, and sometimes the most cost efficient way to do that is with high quality printed materials. It is important for a business to understand the potential of local clients. Web marketing campaigns can definitely reach a big audience, but the impact they have on each person is not that big. Local promotion helps the spread of the word near your business, where clients can easily come and see for themselves and relationships can be built.

We asked a well-known printer what he thought about the perceptions around the print industry:

We’ve been hearing it since the 90s, print is dying a death apparently. However, we’ve only seen our company grow in that time and this has spiked recently. I think people are trying harder now to have a presence both online and offline and they can work together fantastically well in our experience.

Keith’s experiences are supported in the press too, more and more people are starting to see that the mainstream media telling us all that the print industry was dying was a bit of a knee jerk reaction (to say the least) (see this article in the Washington Post)

Some of the best ways of local marketing without digital are:


This is a common option. It allows the business to showcase the services or products in a beautiful but compact format. The main advantage is its low cost. Leaflets offer the possibility to demonstrate all the information regarding the business, and even the contact information or address. This is really important in convincing the reader to purchase a product or try a new service.

Business cards

These are simple small cards, that contain the minimal most important information about the business. They may include the name of the business, the slogan, the category of business and the contact information. It is an elegant way of marketing with a very low cost. Its effectiveness is not at the level of the leaflet since the information is limited.

Promotional items

This is a more expensive way of promotion, but it definitely makes up for it in impact. In this case, instead of distributing leaflets or other prints, you give the possible clients real objects with your logo. The most used items for this purpose are pens, mugs or simple printed shirts. The information included is often limited to the name of the business, the logo and the slogan.

Door hangers

Everyone has had the experience of going out and finding one of these in the knob of their doors. It is a low cost way of promoting your business that strikes attention. After all, you cannot see them and let them hang there. It is not possible to add a lot of information in them. They usually include the name of the business, logo, a small description of what is offered and the contact information.

Pop-up banners

Pop-up banners are a larger item than most of the other print items we’ve listed. They are generally placed near the business, or in cases of events and exhibitions. The information offered is eye catching and at scale. Businesses tend to showcase all their products, services, and especially their discounts and special deals. It has a bigger cost than some of the other options, but it is definitely effective.

In conclusion, there are a lot of possible approaches to local marketing. They are a really great way of transforming possible clients into real clients.